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Custom EQ Question (FPS - COD)

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Kravenprime, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. AD700

    AD700 ASTRO Private

  2. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    My advice if possible Bar 2 drop it down a bit and Bar 3 raise it slightly and see if that helps.
  3. AD700

    AD700 ASTRO Private

    The AD700x is working well. When ambient levels abd footsteps are at the right level gun shots are just a tad piercing on the ear drums.

    If I lower master volume then footsteps are a bit quiet.

    Ciuld you suggest a tweak to bring gun shots down a little bit please
  4. AD700

    AD700 ASTRO Private

    Or increase footsteps a bit so I can lower master volume.

    I have noticed that the second bar (443hz) @ -4 leaves a bit of white noise and sounds better between -2 & 0 therefore that trim isn't really needed.

    That gives me a spare channel to eq another frequency of that would help to achieve a gun shot reduction / footstep increase
  5. Kravenprime

    Kravenprime ASTRO Private

    I've been running the eq you sent me.. Often when I hear footsteps..it sounds like its all around me. Like if someone is running to my left..I can't tell if it's on my right or behind.

    Is this something that can be modified with my configuration or mixamp?
  6. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    I have to emphasise that this headset is not Very good on the treble side so it is hard to fix tbh.
  7. AD700

    AD700 ASTRO Private

    Are you console or pc?
    It sounds like a set up issue. I use mixamp on PS4 and can tell exactly where sounds come from.

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