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  1. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    1. eq xbox casual.
    2. try a beastmode eq on forums they have a lot of bass
  2. Pungisronigol

    Pungisronigol ASTRO Private

    Thanks. I actually solved my need for more Bass for raising the 82hz up 1 and keeping your set. After a while my ears are getting tired, I believe due to the treble (harshness?). Perhaps i need to play at a lower volume. I'm considering lowering 3547 down 1., would this be the right adjustment to make?
  3. Pitifulbean

    Pitifulbean ASTRO Private

    Hi! I just bought the MixAMP Pro yesterday and I have to admit that I'm loving the FPS...and just noticed you have an FPS2! As soon as I can kick the wife out of the office, I'm updating! Also, I like a good survival horror game. Do you think Clear would be good for the immersive feel or would you recommend something else?
  4. TrailblazeByond

    TrailblazeByond ASTRO Private

    Hey man, just registered and found this forum and wanted to say thank you for all your work on this, such cool stuff! Question though, do you have any ideas or suggestions for a game such as Tom Clancy's The Division?
  5. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    Clear is good for horror games. and for the division the TPS eq for gears will do the job
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  6. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    If sounds good for you should be the right adjustment. Remember im not audio engineer pro i made this eq with my taste :)
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  7. Shinobi_Absolute

    Shinobi_Absolute ASTRO Private

    For NON fps, you will use Astro preset, but for FPS you will use Pro preset
  8. Dreezy

    Dreezy ASTRO Private

    fps+2 good for a50s gen 3 on ps4. I need something for rb6 Siege
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  9. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    in the fps EQ try 513hz to 478hz and 1004hz to 1011hz the nades sound a bit more clear. ok so in the Casual EQ i made something to watch twitch streams and play games like the witcher tomb raider flawless and clear the changes are: 89hz to 80hz. 497hz to 571hz. 1090hz to 1218hz. 3647hz to 4133hz. and 7276hz to 7376hz. i can´t do a core EQ like the old mixamps from 2012 is too hard. :( i wish astro support release a EQ for that settings.. well.. Enjoy people..

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  10. johnnyt02

    johnnyt02 ASTRO Private

    Thanks for your work, we really do appreciate it. I still use the xbox fps v2 for infinite warfare as it's the best one so far.
    We can only hope someone from Astro releases a preset that sounds close to the old mixamps.. but I think that is highly unlikely because they seem to ignore any post related to the crap sound these TR mixamps make with dolby on.
  11. VindictivexKilla

    VindictivexKilla ASTRO Private

    Ok I needed to make an account after reading this thread because i seriously need help lol. I am someone who buys these headphones and wants the best sound possible for this gen3 headset. I love that this FPS EQ is available ill be trying it out on my BF1. Do any of you have a PS4? I am looking for a Horizon Zero Dawn setting. Like straight out of the box the surround sound and the attacks I do on machines just dont sound crisp and clean. The talking in-game and music both sound amazing its just the sound effects. Any help appreciated!!
  12. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    hey @

    try fps2 if you want hear more footsteps or fps 1 for battle warm sound. ok so i do not have a PS4 but i play games like the witcher or tomb raider. with casual EQ.improve voice and clear sound effects. try it.
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  13. Mike wheeler

    Mike wheeler ASTRO Private

    What about for TC's Ghost Recon Wildlands? Which would be the best. Really don't need to hear the footsteps when you have 20+ enemy's.
  14. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    i think the warm FPS would be better for GRW or maybe the gears of war EQ to tps games just try
  15. JingleTrukKillr

    JingleTrukKillr ASTRO Private

    ok so this will sound crazy but I'm not the most tech savvy with some of this and on tons of meds (like morphine) from a spine surgery but why cant I just download one of the preset settings and load it into my astro dashboard it only save a png file
  16. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    dude i have no files. please open ACC and use the same settings on the pictures =) Gd
  17. Vinz

    Vinz ASTRO Private

    Hey Luizk!!! I was using your casual1.png with my AStro A50 gen3 on the PS4 using the default kit and it was perfect. But now, I bought the MOdkit and I'm just wondering if you could create or help me improve your casual1.png settings for the modkit. Thanks
  18. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    @Vinz dude i´m sorry i do not have mod kits so... =(
  19. Lewis Anderson

    Lewis Anderson ASTRO Private

    Luizk, again I had to register to thank you for the EQ setting!

    Just one question, what in game audio setting on BF1 do you feel works best with fps2? Headphones? War tapes?

    Thanks again
  20. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    headphones =) but war tapes sound good 2 is so wear lol

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