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Can the Astro A50's connect the the A40's MixAmp Pro?

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Dalton Sharpe, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Dalton Sharpe

    Dalton Sharpe ASTRO Private

    I have a Pair of Astro A50's gen 1 and a pair of Astro A40's. I also have a PS4 that is connected to an Elgato HD60 Pro inside my PC. I am trying to record my audio on my A50's however every source tells me that I need to change the PS4 audio output setting to TV or amplifier. When I do this the quality of my game and chat audio lowers. I am trying to bypass this step by sending the audio straight to my PC. The issue is, the A50's base station does not have a stream port where as the A40's does. Is their anyway to connect the A50's to the A40's MixAmp to do this? If not is their anything else that I could do to maintain the quality of my USB output settings when using the A50's?
    Thanks to Whoever can help.

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