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Brand new A20 cods won’t turn on at all what too do

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Michael Sampson, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Michael Sampson

    Michael Sampson ASTRO Private

    My a20 headset won’t turn on
  2. Albert Torres

    Albert Torres ASTRO Private

    i have the same problem and no one cant help
  3. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Michael Sampson,

    Are you still having trouble with your headset?

    - Mitch
  4. Joshiebro01

    Joshiebro01 ASTRO Private

    My ASTRO a20’s won’t turn on and the light to charge it won’t come on either
  5. Jude

    Jude ASTRO Private

    I’m having the exact same problem, I had mine for less than a month and it won’t charge. When I plug it in, it starts blinking on the wireless receiver but nothing from the headset
  6. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey guys,

    If you hold down the EQ and Game buttons for 30 seconds, does the headset come back on?

    - Mitch
  7. MaroonDawgBlitz

    MaroonDawgBlitz ASTRO Private

    I a having the same trouble with the ones my son got for Christmas. The power indicator light won't come on while it is charging, and won't come on after charging for over an hour. I have tried the suggestion of holding the power button and EQ for 30 seconds. We even tried a different usb cable.
  8. MaroonDawgBlitz

    MaroonDawgBlitz ASTRO Private

    Did you ever get them to working? Looking for a way to fix the problem before i take the back and get another brand. This was my first experience with Astros, and has not be a good one.
  9. blue1074

    blue1074 ASTRO Private

    Mine had the same problem as yours and I was able to fix it. What I did was I plugged the receiver in to my computer in "XBOX" mode, opened up the astro command center, and then I held down the Game and Equalizer buttons while I switched the receiver to PC mode. It then turned on and allowed me to charge it.
  10. Herazob

    Herazob ASTRO Private

    I have the same problem, is there any fix?
  11. kasilerry

    kasilerry ASTRO Private

    Same problem for me as well. :(
  12. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hi everyone,

    Does your A20 Transmitter show any lights when the console or computer is switched on?

    - Mitch
  13. Justin Mariscal

    Justin Mariscal ASTRO Private

    Mine just now did the same exact thing. Was playing a game and heard the 3 beep power off sound. Now my headset won't turn on, won't charge, won't respond to any suggestions I've come across so far. Is there a known fix?
  14. GhillyKitty

    GhillyKitty ASTRO Private

    Mine started to do the exact same thing today as what Justin was saying. I tried to plug them in to charge then it turned off then back on then off again which made it unable to turn on or charge.
  15. 2Jerry3

    2Jerry3 ASTRO Private

    The green light is flashing but headset won’t connect or charge
  16. ayeeyoswarley

    ayeeyoswarley ASTRO Private

    Guys, hold down on the game and EQ button for 10 seconds. Then turn on the headset normally. This should work.
    Credit: WolfVision (YouTube)
  17. Mikeathy

    Mikeathy ASTRO Private

    So my headset was doing the same where it would say it’s connected to my console but no power was going through to the headset as far as the light indicated. So I plugged in the receiver into my PC ( on pc mode for receiver ) opened up the Astro command center then I held both the EQ and GAME button ( found underneath the volume toggle ) for about 15 seconds then I turned on the headset as I would normally. Somehow it worked and started taking a charge. And yes the headset was connected to the receiver as if i were charging it. Hope this works for y’all
  18. BlackMoldOG

    BlackMoldOG ASTRO Private

    I am having the exact same issue as well. Purchased the headset about a month ago, worked fine until this morning where nothing would work. The light on the transmitter flashes green on Xbox mode and white on PC mode. The headset has no lights even when plugged in. It is not read by my PC when plugged in and has not been responding to holding down power and EQ buttons. So far nothing as worked and it seems to be a known problem with this headset. I would suggest steering away from Astro headset at this point.

  19. SCL1419

    SCL1419 ASTRO Private

    I just created this account to give you all a heads up. Mine just all the sudden stopped turning on and looked completely bricked, I unplugged the receiver from the console, plugged it into a PC, downloaded the the ASTRO command center software, it took a couple of tries for my PC to recognize the receiver but once it connected it downloaded a firmware immediately and the headphones came right on. You will need to plug the heads phones into the receiver and the second Micro USB needs to plug into the PC itself. Once you download the software and it recognizes your headset the firmware button at the top will appear. Hope this helps for those scurrying through google late at night lol
    Deej likes this.
  20. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Thanks for posting your solution and glad your headset is working fine now, SCL1419.

    - Mitch

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