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Black Ops theatre clips

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by MoldyRock, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. siR mR dinGy

    siR mR dinGy ASTRO Private

  2. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    niiiiice i was thinkin on doing the same but you beat me to it
  3. Evil FoodStamps

    Evil FoodStamps ASTRO Private

    Good Video dude i don't know how you people use that gun... It has sooo much recoil on it..
  4. ClownBaby MC

    ClownBaby MC ASTRO Private

  5. sidweyz

    sidweyz ASTRO Private

  6. iwanaleya

    iwanaleya ASTRO Private

  7. kaka23

    kaka23 ASTRO Private

  8. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    hey i havent posted in a while just wanted to update yall there are videos on my channel. heres one i just did with the crew today 1/16/11


    enjoy! reppin that astros In-game on the spaz this time. :)
  9. siR mR dinGy

    siR mR dinGy ASTRO Private

  10. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

  11. siR mR dinGy

    siR mR dinGy ASTRO Private

    i like how it landed on his head haha headshot!!
  12. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

  13. jackkspro

    jackkspro ASTRO Private

  14. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

  15. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

  16. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    @acid haha thanks! tomahawk starts to grow on you if you use it for a while, at first i couldnt stand using it but then once i started getting use to it, and when you land it, its feels SO much rewarding then just getting a gun kill ;)
  17. unseenbeing

    unseenbeing ASTRO Private

  18. gardenislandbradda

    gardenislandbradda ASTRO Private

  19. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

  20. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

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