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Black Ops theatre clips

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by MoldyRock, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    lol nice guys =] thinkin on jumping on in a bit. :D
  2. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    whats up yall has anyone have had any good clips lately? me, i havent, least not yet
  3. kaka23

    kaka23 ASTRO Private

    i had a good clip but was dropped in the last min from the server so it dnt go to my recent games:eek:
  4. Warbladex

    Warbladex ASTRO Alumni

    Yeah, I think the "Recent Games" pat is semi-broken. I played last night with a buddy after a few of our friends left, and after a hilarious death where I jumped out of a window towards the C Capture point on Grid, I was simultaneously killed by a China Lake while diving out of the window. My body still flew out the window, and my head landed on what looked like a concrete curb. Would have made for an awesome "skater" style flick of getting owned with a broken neck, but when I went to my Recent Games and loaded up that specific game, it loaded someone elses game (Still domination on Grid, but it was a standard domination as opposed to Ground War). Neither my friend or I were in the video, or were anywhere to be seen on the server. Severely weird.
  5. sketch3030

    sketch3030 ASTRO Private

    i noticed in Black Ops, players go for "the other head" shot
    most final kills are always groin related. :eek:
  6. kaka23

    kaka23 ASTRO Private

    the other head shot lol
  7. Mewie

    Mewie ASTRO Private

    AAGH! I need to cross my legs all of a sudden...
  8. Mewie

    Mewie ASTRO Private

    I have some awesome clips, but unfortunately, they're slightly over 30 seconds each... so I gotta re-edit them. What a drag!
  9. siR mR dinGy

    siR mR dinGy ASTRO Private

    yeah i wish we can render a clip more then 30 secs
  10. Blood And Beer

    Blood And Beer ASTRO Private

  11. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private


    halo-ish jumps


    this one is a failed halo jump lol i was all late on the jump i thought it was funny so i put it in....and this is what happens to people who boast and aren't even good...prestige 10....he didnt even have enough kills to even reach that smh.....

    these clips are some new ways i found editing my angles using the Dolly camera views quite fun to use

    edit: last clip the flashbang was friendly xD
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2010
  12. iwanaleya

    iwanaleya ASTRO Private

    Meh I keep getting stuck in a login loop everytime I try to use their forums or Theater. I'll put some subpar clips up if they ever get their stuff together.
  13. uniQue

    uniQue ASTRO Private

    This one cracks me up:


    I flash banged a sniper on Jungle then struggled to get my fat ass up to go kill him and was surprised to see he was still there when I finally climbed up. When I watched it back hilarity ensued as he had actually turned around looking for me but as I took so long he assumed it safe and just as he turned his back I was up and shot him :D

    I have this one as well of a random and very lucky triple Semtex kill:

  14. iwanaleya

    iwanaleya ASTRO Private

  15. siR mR dinGy

    siR mR dinGy ASTRO Private



    Thats pretty awesome, ill have to try to put my vid of getting a kill across the map on Nuketown with a ballistic knife on the gun game.
  17. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    im currently trying to hold off on making clips to make a montage now that i have the progams to make it but if i find one worth to record for 30sec. ill post it up :)

    edit: but if i havent posted this already, heres one a while back.

  18. MoldyRock

    MoldyRock ASTRO Private

    Last edited: Dec 26, 2010
  19. siR mR dinGy

    siR mR dinGy ASTRO Private

  20. xStarSkiix

    xStarSkiix ASTRO Private

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