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Black Ops 4 best EQ

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Paco Alemán, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Paco Alemán

    Paco Alemán ASTRO Private

    Which one do you recommend best for footsteps
  2. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Fusion Ultimate 5.0 from Daredevil ! Im using it with my Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro but it will work with A50 aswell.

    Just check his post and use his settings from his picture but make the 1st bar +2 instead of -1 like he says in his description and check my posts aswell that could help and my pictures aswell.
  3. Joao

    Joao ASTRO Private

    Can you post link.
  4. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Just go look for fusion 5.0
  5. MrOverSt

    MrOverSt ASTRO Private

  6. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

  7. Danbo

    Danbo ASTRO Private

    I play on XBOX.

    Are people using Dolby Headphone, Windows Sonic or Atmos at all? I am using FPS Extreme and really like it so far, but...

    My understanding is that stereo should be best, but I find that in stereo only I find it really difficult to place enemies, but with Dolby Headphones on I can identify the direction much more clearly which shouldn't be the case???

    Also what in game presets are you using and what settings on the Xbox? Treyarch mix or headphone setting etc?

    I love playing Blackout but am really struggling to get the sound right. Maybe I have a setting wrong somewhere.
  8. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Dolby should be better to hear enemies from directions, not stereo !
  9. Danbo

    Danbo ASTRO Private

    That is what I have found, I just remembered from PUBG that people always said to just use Stereo and no other processing,

    Must not be the case here!

  10. idgamerd

    idgamerd ASTRO Private

    Just curious are you saying it's better to use 5.0 then the updated 5.1 Fusion EQ?
  11. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Use the 5.15 FPS Extreme !
  12. Kroezk

    Kroezk ASTRO Private

    hey post the link of that preeset, plz
  13. thevilleky

    thevilleky ASTRO Private

    I've been using the 5.15 fps extreme and I like it the best I think. I sometimes use dolby atmos, sometimes .indows sonic, and sometimes the fps extreme. It's a little "metallic" at times which others have said is a function of the surround sound algorithm and not much you can do. Overall I can sound whore people pretty easy, gunfire and bass tones are still impactful, and the sound stage is nice and wide. You can hear the wind, birds, distant gunfire, distant thunder. All in all its pretty great.
  14. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Im back to 5.10 it is way better for my A40 for footsteps ! And for A50 use the 5.10 A50 mod kit version !
  15. kourk

    kourk ASTRO Private

  16. idgamerd

    idgamerd ASTRO Private

    Thanks for the recommendation. Quick question about Blackout on PC and 5.10 or 5.15; in a recent update for Black Ops 4 they have added different sound modes or whatever you call em; treyarch mix, boost bass, supercrunch, headphones etc. Which one do you recommend using with 5.10? Thanks!
  17. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    High Boost so only the more quiet parts of the audio is getting pushed up.

    Btw. 5.50 is coming soon from daredevil on a seperate thread.
  18. idgamerd

    idgamerd ASTRO Private

    Yeah I heard its suppose to be this weekend I think? Cant wait! Also do u still use 5.1 or 5.15? I also recently tried Balanced (default from Astro) with Supercrunch and it sounded pretty darn good too. So options and so hard to tell which are performing better.
  19. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    I use 5.50 high boost
  20. weepyandy

    weepyandy ASTRO Private

    i carnt find 5.50 can any one post link please

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