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Creation Best A50 Music EQ (By an actual Musician)

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Saber_Skies92, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Saber_Skies92

    Saber_Skies92 ASTRO Private

    Hey guys, I've spent a decent amount of time today getting the best possible EQ setting together for those of you out there that love music. The A50's are fantastic headphones for gaming but they certainly hold better potential for music lovers too. Out of the box preset 1 is okay but seems to be more for movies than it is music. This music setting has a nice wide frequency range, plenty of clarity and has been honed and tested on completely lossless audio. Its nothing overly advanced, you'd be surprised at how keeping things simple enough is super effective.

    I know this could use some more work, this is just the first iteration of this, if people like it I shall post my tweaks to it later on. I'm into everything from the heaviest of metal, to progressive EDM to Justin Timberlake (sorry not sorry) so this is a great setting for just about everything. Hope You guys like it.

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  2. Saber_Skies92

    Saber_Skies92 ASTRO Private

    Also I forgot to mention if you're listening through iTunes or related programs, put that programs EQ to flat!
  3. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    sound pretty damn good for music like you say =) thanks for sharing... DOLBY OFF right?
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  4. Ehmehnem

    Ehmehnem ASTRO Private

    Would this work for the Astro A40's by any chance?
  5. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    well i´m using this on my Astros 40 tr =) sound really good without dolby
  6. Derrick Diaz

    Derrick Diaz ASTRO Private


    Thank you for making the time to make this. Big music guy here and let me tell you this sounds great! Sounds good with DD on but sounds great with DD off.

    Thank You
  7. Dargol

    Dargol ASTRO Private

  8. wippetgood2

    wippetgood2 ASTRO Private

    Wow that's a much better bottom end - thanks for sharing Saber_Skies92!
    Easy to save the preset, then switch between Studio/Calibrated EQ's simply using the program.

    Try: Erbody But Me by Tech N9ne - the bottom end difference is substantial.
    (That song may not be to everyone's taste but I clicked it while looking for 'what if it was me')

    I bumped the top end up a little as well though.
  9. Zeikai

    Zeikai ASTRO Private

    Hi, I have the Gen 1 astro A50's that don't have the equalizers like this and I use PotPlayer for music since it has the settings to get surround sound through the spdif. I was wondering if you could tell me what to put on the equalizer on there to best mimic what you did for the music playback. Here is a pic of the equalizer on there. [​IMG]
  10. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Hi at the bottom u put 1.0,2.0,2.0 or was it all 2.0 just curious
  11. Saber_Skies92

    Saber_Skies92 ASTRO Private

    @Daredevil792 Yeah man 1.0 for the first bandwidth and 2.0 for the second. These setting make a decent impact. You can try putting 1.1 - 1.6 but not furthur than that as this affects the bottom end which is a bitch to work with and can be thrown out easily.
    @Zeikai THats a hard one man but what I would suggest is cranking up the bottom frequencies (The two or three furthest left) by another half of what they are, drop the next 3 out by about half and slowly rise back up to the mid for the rest, maybe tweaking the last view as you go. Frequencies are a hard thing to just "say" to people, its definitely more of a feel thing
    @wippetgood2 Very glad you enjoy it man, its very tweakable on the top end, the bass is a cruel mistress though.
    @Dargol @Derrick Diaz @Luizk You guys are welcome

    Dolby on or off guys, that one is a preference thing realistically, I prefer it on with some things and off with others. Sorry for the super late replies to all this stuff ladies and gentleman, I completely forgot about this and was actually surprised it got some good support. I am literally the worlds worst forum member haha. But i am glad people are enjoying the preset! It hasn't changed for me at all I'm scared to break what doesn't need fixing but I shall let you know if i come up with anything else guys!
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  12. VindictivexKilla

    VindictivexKilla ASTRO Private

    Can we make this a downloadable link please?
  13. Saber_Skies92

    Saber_Skies92 ASTRO Private

    Download link =D

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  14. Grey Shadow

    Grey Shadow ASTRO Private

    Wow, thanks man! I really like this preset :D
  15. Juanse2809

    Juanse2809 ASTRO Private

    Do you have an updated version?
  16. Danimnz92

    Danimnz92 ASTRO Private

    How to know how to put the parameters to create a preset that sounds good? For example to fortnite as I have to put it etc. For when do I have to use the dolby?

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