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Astro Headsets, Adjustable SideTone

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Zeagles21, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Zeagles21

    Zeagles21 ASTRO Private

    Good Afternoon,

    First time poster.....

    I am on the market for a new headset, I have been hearing a lot of GREAT things about ASTRO. I have one question, do all ASTRO Headsets offer "SideTone", and it is Adjustable. I currently have Sony Playstation Golds and they have a great sidetone feature, I just dont like how bulky they are and they are not constructed . I really like to hear my communications when i game, so SIDETONE (when you can hear yourself talking through the headset) is a big feature I need before I purchase a ASTRO Headset. I game on PS4, if that makes a difference or not. The Battlefield Series are my games of choice. What headset would any of you recommend as well?
  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Zeagles21,

    The A50 Wireless and Base Station has an adjustable sidetone and the A40 TR Headset and A10 Headset will have an adjustable sidetone but only if paired with the MixAmp Pro TR as this produces the feedback for the headset. The sidetone feature is adjustable through the ASTRO Command Center software on your PC and will dynamically become louder and quieter as you adjust the master volume to compensate for the game audio becoming louder or quieter.

    For what headset we would require comes down to your home preference. Do you prefer wired or wireless?

    - Mitch

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