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ASTRO Gaming Forums - Rules and Guide Book

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by ASTRO Vertigo, Apr 26, 2015.

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  1. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Welcome to the ASTRO Gaming Forums. Your forums and your home to discuss any topic you desire, ask questions and chill out with other community members on here who love ASTRO Gaming as much you do! It’s pretty awesome! To help you get a head start, we've made a couple of posts which covers the rules and how to use the forums in general, so if you ever have a problem and can't figure out how to do something, it’s probably answered somewhere in here.

    If it’s not or you can’t find it, feel free to make a post or private message a moderator and we will be able to help you out!

    The guide book is split into a few sections which covers.

    - Forum rules.
    - How to setup and customize your profile.
    - How to use the private messaging system.

    Click on one of the links above to be directed to that post or just scroll down to start.
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  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Forum Rules

    The ASTRO Gaming Forums welcomes all members of the community and we aim to provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for all of our fans. To ensure this happens, we must enforce a few rules that we please ask you to follow. It’s not a long exhausting list and should be a quick read.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our rules, please private message a moderator at the bottom of this page and we will endeavor to answer you as quickly as possible.

    No personal attacks.
    - We understand there can sometimes be banter between users although please leave it at that. We don’t want to see personal attacks on a certain user. Everyone has their own opinion and we please ask that you respect those and keep the conversions civil.

    No spamming.
    - You are free to post as much as you want around the forums although please refrain from posting the same content over and over again unless it’s for a good reason. Any posts which are seen as spam will be deleted. Please also don’t use the bump method to push your thread back to the top of the list unless it’s for a good reason.

    Respect personal information.
    - Please do not post any personal information that is deemed private by an individual. This includes online usernames, email addresses, phone numbers and more. If that person has not gave any consent to their information being posted, please respect that.

    No inappropriate content.
    - Our forums are seen by many ages of the community and we would be grateful if you did not post or link to pornography, graphic content or anything similar that you believe is inappropriate. If you are unsure about posting something, it’s probably best that you don’t although please contact a moderator and they will be able to clarify whether something can be posted on our forums.

    No engaging in illegal activities.
    - To help keep the forum safe for other members, please do not post anything that you believe is illegal whether this be software or something in real life. If we come across any content that fits this rule, it will be deleted immediately.

    Respect any copyright laws, terms of services and non-disclosure agreements.
    - Please ensure that you have permission and rights to post or share something through our forums. Any terms of service and non-disclosure agreements should be respected by the developer or publisher and if we feel there is something on our forums that shouldn't be such as unreleased game information, it will be deleted immediately. If you are unsure on whether to post something, please contact a moderator and they will be able to clarify whether it can be posted.

    No impersonating or using multiple accounts.
    - As weird and sketchy as this is, please do not impersonate anyone other than yourself. In addition to this, please only use one account. If we feel that you may be using more than one account, we will be in contact to perform a merge or delete the additional accounts. If you absolutely require a second account, please let us know first.. If you have lost your password to your account, please make a new one and contact a moderator immediately. Based on information you provide, chances are, we will be able to provide access to your old account again and then delete your temporary one. Also a moderator will be able to change any information you can’t such as your username or date of birth if this is a reason you are looking into creating a second account.

    If any of these rules are broken, then we will take action by either warning you, suspending you or banning you from our forums. It does suck but we have to make sure our forums are a safe place for everyone to be so please use your best judgement and common sense before posting so we don't have to!

    If you wish to report anyone for breaking our rules, there is a report button which can be seen below everyone’s posts and private messages. Click on this, fill out the reason and we will look into it for you and take action if required.

    The following moderators are on the forums quite often and can answer any questions or concerns you have. To private message the moderator, just click on their name to begin the process and if you are unsure on how to use the private messaging system of our forums, we have a post below which explains everything.

    [Staff Member] ASTRO Vertigo

    [Staff Member] ASTRO refraxion

    [Staff Member] ASTRO Fletch
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  3. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    How to setup and customize your profile

    Setting up your ASTRO Gaming Forums Profile allows you to not only stand out from the crowd but let everyone else know some information about you if you wish to share. It’s a great way to find friends as you are able to share your online usernames such as Xbox LIVE, social media such as Twitter and even Twitch if you are a livestreamer.

    To begin, you can either use this link here - http://forums.astrogaming.com/index.php?account/personal-details

    Or hover over your profile username on the top right of the forums and select Personal Details.

    Once you are on the customization section of your profile, you will be able to use the navigation on the left side of your screen to browse between categories to customize such as your signature and preferences. We list each one below and what it does. Make sure you also select the Save Changes button at the bottom of each page once you are finished.

    Personal Details
    - This section allows you to customize your profile which other members can see. We would highly recommend filling out which ASTRO equipment you own and any of the social media links if you want people to find you online. You can also fill out a section letting people know about you.

    - Your signature is shown below every post you make and should be short and sweet. You can add pictures but please keep them small. If a picture is too large and is taking up a large chunk of the screen, we will ask you to change it.

    Contact Details
    - This section contains your current email address and password, we would recommend keeping these up to date should you forgot your username.

    Receive site mailings allows us to send out an email to everyone who has this checked although it’s very rare that we do. Accept conversations from… allows you to to choose who can start a private message with you. Receive email when a new conversion message is received will email you an alert when you receive a private message.

    - This section contains all your privacy settings similar to the one above which allows you to choose who can view your profile sections.

    - This section contains your language and time zone preference and forum settings.

    Alert Preferences
    - At the top right corner of your screen next to your profile username, you will have an Alert tab. Hovering over this or clicking on it will show you your alerts. This section controls what shows up in this tab so you could have it set only to if someone has tagged you in a post or message.

    If you are getting alerts about threads receiving a response then it’s because you have the Replies to a watched thread option enabled.
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  4. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    How to use the private messaging system

    One of the reasons XenForo was chosen is because we like the messaging system it delivers. The messaging system in XenForo is called conversations and it’s like a private thread between you and any users which you've chosen and because it keeps track of all the messages posted, it allows you to backtrack on something said just in case you're unsure on why the user has replied to you.

    On the top right of the forums next to your profile username is an inbox button. Clicking on this will take you to the conversations page which will show all the private threads you are included in. You can see the forum title, the participants included and who made the last post. If it is Bold then it means there is a message in there you haven’t read.

    To begin a conversation,

    1) Select the Start a New Conversation button on the top right.

    2) Fill out the participants names. The forum is clever and will automatically suggest the username for you. Clicking on that username will fill it out and place a comma so you can choose another name who you wish to be part of the conversation.

    3) Name the conversation.

    4) Enter the first message.

    5) Choose whether you want to enable any additional options and then start the conversation.

    Checking on the conversations and replying to them is just as easy as replying to a forum thread and if you want to leave a conversation and not receive any further replies, you can do so by entering the conversation and selecting the Leave Conversation button which will be located just above the first post.

    Alternatively, you can also start a conversation by going to the profile page of a user, selecting the information tab and then choosing the Start a Conversation button.
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