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Astro A50 Gen 3 VS. Turtle Beach 800x

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by TheHuman0idTyph00n, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. TheHuman0idTyph00n

    TheHuman0idTyph00n ASTRO Private

    Long time reader, Frist time posting.

    Frist let me start by saying that I have been using Turtle Beach's headphone for over two years now. I just bought the 800x last week and i'm having trouble with the microphone voice chat. I'm thinking about returning them to get the new A50 Gen 3 when they release. I heard a lot of good things about the A50 and thinking of joining the Astro family. I wanted to know other peoples opinions about the 800x VS the A50
  2. intimidator13

    intimidator13 ASTRO Private

    I don't know the 800x specifically, but there's a reason I had no problem laying down $300 for the A50's. they are hands down the best.
    I've gamed on PC & console and have had many headsets over the decades. Only one close to comfort were my Logitech's.
    true surround, great sound, easy to use.
  3. SandmaN

    SandmaN ASTRO Private

    I recently tested the Turtle Beach 800X headset and had the same issues with the microphone voice chat - it's especially difficult if not impossible to get it working on PC. I had a 1st gen A50 headset which I loved to death for about 3 years, but I'm ready to upgrade. In the last month I've tested about a dozen or so headsets and almost none of them come close to the overall quality of the A50.

    Compared to the A50 the TB 800X is good, but the A50 stands head and shoulders above the 800X in overall sound quality, comfort, and ease of use. With all that the new gen 3 A50 brings to the table I am definitely buying these next.

    This sealed it for me right here - enjoy!

  4. TheHuman0idTyph00n

    TheHuman0idTyph00n ASTRO Private

    Thank you both for the reply's.

    The more research I do on the A50's Gen 3 the more I want them. I will definitely be getting the Astros when they release and do away with the TB 800X.
    The only thing I'm waiting for is the release date for the console specific base station . As I'm leaning more towards the blue and black headset, But I play more on Xbox cause more friends online there.
    any info about the release date on the base station would be greatly appreciate.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  5. SandmaN

    SandmaN ASTRO Private

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  6. TheHuman0idTyph00n

    TheHuman0idTyph00n ASTRO Private

    I hope they will release them before the end of this year.
  7. SandmaN

    SandmaN ASTRO Private

    Just edited my post - see above :)
  8. TheHuman0idTyph00n

    TheHuman0idTyph00n ASTRO Private

  9. MosquitoSmasher

    MosquitoSmasher ASTRO Private

    This is exactly the kind of thread i wanted to create, nice!

    Ever since March last year i've been using Beats Studio Wireless (still a chat cable required though) for my Xbox One gaming and i enjoyed it a lot. But a month ago they started to break on the headband and now they are being either repaired or replaced. But it sucks bigtime because now with all these awesome games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears 4 i am having to cope with TV audio...which....absolutely sucks. I decided to order the Elite 800x from a store that accepts returns within 14 days. More than enough time for me to carefully try these headphones out. I might even be able to directly compare them to the upcoming A50's if the store has them on the 24th this month.

    For me three things are really important.....not in a particular order:

    Audio quality - powerful bass, the Beats have this and i love it with gaming. There's no telling if the upcoming A50 will win this from the Elite 800x, but what about the current A50s? How is the bass compared to it? And of course can't forget about the highs. Are Astros known for a powerful lows and good highs?

    Comfort - Definitely very important since i will be gaming a lot. I will be able to try out the Elites from tomorrow on, so we'll see. From the looks of it the upcoming A50s look really comfortable. How are the current ones?

    Durability - I was so careful with the Beats and yet they broke. I guess it's true what they say that the build quality really isn't too good of them. How is this with Astro?

    I have tried out so many of these high end headphones from Audio Technica, Sony, Sennheiser and while the highs were fantastic, they always lacked a bass. bass is really important for me with explosions, gun shots and overall in gaming. If for example the new Astros for some reason have a clearly weaker bass than Elite 800x....it might mean i will pick the Elite. Any help would be great.
  10. MadCheese

    MadCheese ASTRO Private

    i tried a lot of headsets...
    audio quality on the A50/TB800x are both good, they have both their eq settings which can give you a lot of bass or whatever you prefer.
    comfort hands down the a50s are more comfortable with the plushy earcans and if you want it be leatherette you can mod them (gen3).
    durability - both are good built quality but given TBs trackrecord of past headsets (breaking within 1 year) i would rather stay clear of them if you want a headset that lasts longer. but if thats not the concern for you, you can go with the tb800x as well.
    the microphone on both out of the box are both not good but after tweaking both are good. (on the tb800x it can sound like you speak thru cans if you use it with stock settings).

    the one thing i should point out to you is that compared to each other the TB800X have bluetooth which the a50s don't so u cant pair your phone with the a50s if you want your phonecalls.
    and if its an issue for you the A50s use Dolby headphone Surround 7.1 and the TB800X Dolby Headphone X 7.1 surround.
    in the end you have to try for yourself which ones you prefer more.
  11. MosquitoSmasher

    MosquitoSmasher ASTRO Private

    Hey man, thanks for the reply.

    Last week i had the TB800x here and i tried it out. For some reason i really did not like the surround modes much. I tried them all out, and game preset-signature sound was ok i guess, the bass was good but overall it just sounded a bit muddy. I tried out BF1, Gears 4 and so on and it just didn't sound all that clear to me, but this was in game preset, i believe that is virtual surround on that headset. When i then switched to stereo mode it sounded much more clear, but bass not nearly as powerful and really...stereo, when it also offers surround sound? That sounds like it would be kind of a waste. As for the mic, i plugged it into my PC i let it update, on the website it showed the latest version and that;s the one i had and friends still told me the chat quality really wasn't too hot. In fact they said the sound was much better when i was using my standard cheap Samsung earbuds (mic built in) , so that's crazy really.

    As for my Beats headphones, i received brand new ones from the store so that's awesome, will do me just fine until i can afford the Astro A50, let alone when they become available here. I am using a Vmoda boom mic on that and that sounds really good to my friends. it's pretty crazy how bad the mic on the TB really is then in comparison, especially considering the price of it. I am expecting the A50 to have a much better mic.
  12. MadCheese

    MadCheese ASTRO Private

    you can check the mic quality on a ytube vid I made where there is a bit of voiceover thats what u can expect from the new mic, as for partychat there are small issues that will prpably be fixed with the next firmwares.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
  13. matthewk85

    matthewk85 ASTRO Private

    Good game to test it with, Destiny fan myself. Do what I need to do in PvE, but mainly a fan of the PvP, Trials in particular. Look forward to getting some custom EQ profiles to try out.
  14. MadCheese

    MadCheese ASTRO Private

    nah I have too many games to choose from and destiny was because I had the daily mission to do, so I combined that with the sample.
  15. Kaoki vang

    Kaoki vang ASTRO Private

    I tried both and I have to say the elite 800 come out on top. I’m not sponsored by either and I’m no fan boy of either brand but overall with everything in account I found I prefer the elite 800 better just because there is so much more you can do with the Elite 800 over the A50. Yes you might be able to adjust the presets on each to make them both similar but if your like me and just want to game and don’t want to spend hours figuring out which settings make it sound better than the elite is for you. I was never good with messing with settings just to make it better but for my taste I prefer the 800. Here are the things I found the 800 did better or actually had over the a50. Better bass, noise canceling build in, 12 presets usable without plugging in to pc to change, bluetooth. Not I think Bluetooth wins the cake though as you can take the headset with you and use them other than just at home. For 300 bucks the a50 is lacking in the total package of options. So 800 over a50. The a50 does sound good don’t get me wrong just a huge lack of options that could easily been installed.

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