Astro A50 Gen 3 Mic is terrible.

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Big-Blue, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. averywit

    averywit ASTRO Private

    I bet he uses turtle beaches hahahahahahahaha
  2. Alex Clarke

    Alex Clarke ASTRO Private

    I am currently using streaming as my noise gate but I was wondering what do you guys use as your mic equalizer I am currently trying airy I would just like to know what do you guys think is the clearest out of the three bright and airy or warm
  3. One_Liter

    One_Liter ASTRO Specialist

    My personal favorite is "Night" for the noisegate. As for the voice eq I'm using "airy" at the moment and I've had no issues since the latest update.
  4. detonatorFIN

    detonatorFIN ASTRO Private

    I bought these a week ago and I'm really happy with the sound quality. But yesterday I streamed to Twitch with these and there was a lot questions that if my mic was a mobilephone from the 1990s or a potato. I was really suprised and asked 3 different friends help to troubleshoot these and compare to my other headphones (TB X07 and TB 420X). They all said that the A50s was bad. Yes they were able to understand and hear what I'm saying but compared to quality, Turtle Beach was better. I found this forum and changed the microphone EQ to Airy as someone here said that it would be better than the default Warm. It helped little according my friends and also in my opinion it was little bit different. Overall I'm really disappointed to the mic sound quality. I should be getting the best for this price. Is there anything that I can do? The firmware update was the first thing that I did when I bought these.
  5. shadowrukia

    shadowrukia ASTRO Private

    my friends tell me my mic is 2008 and they can still hear like a robot type voice even after the update
  6. One_Liter

    One_Liter ASTRO Specialist

    Have you tried using a different noisegate? The voice eq's seem to make minor differences whereas the noisegates impact the microphone quality much more. If you haven't I would recommend using the "Night" noisegate and see if it helps.
  7. shadowrukia

    shadowrukia ASTRO Private

    Nothing works to fix this shit mic
  8. One_Liter

    One_Liter ASTRO Specialist

    That sucks dude. I haven't had any microphone issues ever since the latest firmware update.
  9. DubCity

    DubCity ASTRO Private

    Astro went with low mic quality to preserve battery life. Nothing can be done about it we just have to accept they made a poor decision.
  10. b_scott

    b_scott ASTRO Private

    The A50 Gen3 sounds like it's brickwalling. This is what it sounds like when I record concerts and the input is too hot. Maybe the output can be turned down a bit? I know it's not the volume, it's the output level.
  11. b_scott

    b_scott ASTRO Private

    Oh man. Well there you go. Straight answer is, the Gen3s have a limited audio spectrum built in and that's why they sound like they're brickwalled. Seems like the noice canceling it overzealous too, like running something through Audicity and trying to remove noise, which removes good audio quality too. Ugh.
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  12. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey b_scott,

    This was clarified by our engineering team to be incorrect. Even through the A50 Wireless and Base Station does appear as a lower Hz recording device, it's actually still on par with our current and previous products because microphones don't generally use the full 48,000 Hz. In layman's terms, the Hz and radio we're now using still transmits the microphone fully but helps to offer extended features over our previous products.

    The problem came down to how the microphone was initially tuned and since our latest firmware update, the Microphone EQ presets have been returned to be similar to our A40 TR Headset and MixAmp Pro TR which should make the microphone sound the same as our previous GEN1 and 2 products. If you're having issues with the noise cancellation of the microphone, try switching the Noise-Gate to Night which should help.

    - Mitch
  13. CookieMuncherUK

    CookieMuncherUK ASTRO Private

    I think the mic is good. Never had any complaints from my friends while gaming. All say they can hear me just fine and sounds decent.

    I have a video here of me just playing BF1 and testing out the mic. Let me know what you guys think.

    I was using noise gate Home and on bright.

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017
  14. Michelle

    Michelle ASTRO Private

    Hi Mitch,
    I got a new Gen 3 A50 set for the Xbox one for Christmas and like many others here have said the mic makes me sound robotic. It isn't intermittent, it never sounds not robotic when I am in a party. As in they sound worse than the basic chat headset included with consoles, worse than earbuds plugged in to the controller even. However, keeping all the settings the same if I record and send a voice message over Xbox my voice sounds it's normal human self. So it is only an issue in chat. I updated my firmware using the command center immediately, have tried all 12 of the mic EQ and noise gate combinations, and different mic volumes, all sound robotic appearently. So the recent firmware update didn't solve it.
    I contacted support and they made me send in the headset, said the problem couldn't be replicated, sent me a replacement headset back with the same base station, and told me that it was just a matter of my incorrect settings. I promptly updated and paired the new headset and it had the exact same issue. I finally got support to tell me the setting I should use if that was the only issue and they said Streaming and warm or bright. No improvement. I read this forum and posted on the Reddit forum and tried changing my wireless router 5GHz channel, them tracked down my neighbors on channel 157 and convinced them to let me change their router settings as well because they didn't know how to themselves. All of this and it has now been a week since I've heard from support, and three weeks since I contacted support initially with no improvement.
    So do you have any advice, or is this the constant robot voice and super slow support I should expect? As of now unless someone has some advice that actually fixes it, or knows what's going on at least I'm just planning on returning them for a refund and going from disgruntled customer to former customer who wasted time but not money on what was meant to be a top of the line headset. They are so comfortable, and they sound so great on my end though that I really really want them to work.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Michelle,

    Have you tried recording a voice message and playing it back locally before sending it to see what the quality sounds like to yourself?

    - Mitch
  16. jeeper26

    jeeper26 ASTRO Private

    Have you tried to reinstall the firmware manually? For me, this seems to have corrected my problem of cut of sound
  17. Michelle

    Michelle ASTRO Private

    No Mitch I haven't, I have just trusted that it does sound better since that's what I'm told. Do you think that would make a difference somehow? According to friends, who listen to the messages while we're in a party together, it sounds normal/good and the chat sounds robotic. That's part of the frustration about the settings, I don't know what would change and why between party and recording messages.
    Jeeper26 How can I install it manually? I see the option if I have the files on my computer, but the sites firmware page doesn't seem to have firmware files for gen3 a50s, only links are for pc or mac ACC installers that I can find. It's frustrating, and I have tried that on both systems to make sure one wasn't finding updates the other wasn't, but it seems like my only option is checking check for ACC and firmware updates on startup. Would love to giv that a shot though.
    Thanks. Still no word from official support since last Monday.
  18. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Michelle,

    If it sounds fine through a voice message but not so good through Party Chat then it's just down to how Xbox LIVE is compressing the microphone which is out of our control. It could be down to just general compression or your internet connection limitations. Does it sound any different if you use Game Chat instead of Party Chat?

    What is your support case number please? I will take a look into that for you.

    - Mitch
  19. Michelle

    Michelle ASTRO Private

    If it is an Xbox live thing then mine should sound the same as everyone else on live right? Including those who say they sound normal in party chat? If it was just that it seems like absolutely everyone would be complaining about it. And there would be no talk of intermittent robot voice. I'm not sure what I can do if Xbox compresses my audio differently than others, and only when I use an Astro headset. I will try gamechat if that helps troubleshoot, but that isn't a long term solution since my friends and I prefer party chat and I don't want to not be able to use that without annoying everyone else.
    As for the internet, I have comcast 200 mb/s down, 12 mb/s up, console is hard wired, and I have changed both mine and my neighbors 5GHz channels to below 100 so they shouldn't conflict. Also had the same issue on cox wifi over the holidays so I don't think it can be that. And I have tried on 3 different consoles now.
    Thanks for the ideas though, and I hope you have more, I'm open to trying whatever to get these working :)
    Support case is #246476
    I'll warn you me messages there are long, chaulk it up to thoroughness and frustration.
  20. Michelle

    Michelle ASTRO Private

    My messages*
    And just to be clear, you're 100% it is just a party issue I think I just put the blame on the specific headset/base station hardware or firmware since I know others sound human using the same set in parties, and you're putting it on Xbox or my internet. I am willing to try and work it out, but seems beyond my control and to to not be a universal problem. So agree with the effect, but not nessecarily the cause, and not sure what to do about it regardless haha.

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