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Astro A50 Directional Sound Issue

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by BradleyFurlong, Mar 15, 2019 at 10:10 PM.

  1. BradleyFurlong

    BradleyFurlong ASTRO Private

    Helo guys, long time Astro user, first time poster.

    Just bought a set of Astro A50s for my PS4 pro less than a month ago. For whatever reason, I can’t tell direction of anything. I’m playing Apex currently, and can’t tell if people are above/below /left/right etc...

    I’ve tried a custom EQ profile, every permutation of PS4 audio settings, tried resetting via holding the 2 buttons along with pulling power to my base station. I’ve tried with Dolby on and without.

    The Astro A40s on my Xbox were flawless for years, so I know there’s clearly an issue here. Has anybody experienced this?
  2. BennyBlades

    BennyBlades ASTRO Private

    It’s because on the TR and gen 3 astro switched from dh1 or dh2 (versions of dolby headphone) which simulates a smaller scale room to dh3 which simulates a theatre experience and is completely full of reverb and sounds super echoey and tinny. They refuse to aknowmedge it though and will continuously just tell you thats how it should sound since they think you are stupid and already have your money. Return them and either find the old gen 2 on ebay or some steelseries or something. Astro doesnt care.

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