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Astro A40 TR with Mix Amp PROBLEMS

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by What?, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. What?

    What? ASTRO Private

    I just sent out an email to get my UPS return label because i have way too many problems with the new headset and mixamp. I am actually quite disappointed considering the fact that before i got the new a40tr with mixamp i was using the old old a40 with no mixamp just the headset and had absolutely no problems. That being said maybe i can get some help, support and/or convincing as to why i should keep these new 1's instead of returning them.

    The problems i have so far with the new a40's is as follows;
    My friends all say im quiet and after researching further i found that with the mixamp theres this dumb thing called noise gate that filters out my voice making things a lot quieter than they should be. I found that after changing my settings to Streamer mode it helped to reduce noisegate but unfortunately its still there and quite noticeably so. The old a40's i had i could whisper into and people could here me, albeit whisper like sound, but if i whisper into my new a40 with the mixamp they cant hear me at all. The fact that i dont have the option to turn this off or get rid of it all together is quite frustrating because i game late at night and i cant talk in my normal voice let alone yell cause people cant hear me. (I am not the only person who lives in this house) But, i decided to give these new astros the benefit of the doubt and dealt with it.

    I was playing a game of League of legends and all of a sudden for some reason it almost blew my ears out over discord. A loud cackling static noise out of nowhere that gradually grew to be so loud and obnoxious i had to disconnect my headset from the mixamp. After giving it some time i replugged them back in and the static was still there but not as bad but the biggest problem was that i literally had to yell for anyone to hear me. (Yes everything is updated, Yes i disconnected and reconnected everything, No i am not using the optic cable)

    Im honestly very sad and disappointed in Astro because the astro a40s i had before "upgrading" to these new 1's were great. Sound was great, quality was great, and most importantly MIC was great. I think after troubleshooting everything myself and going through the forums i think the problem to me personally is the mixamp. I am willing to just use the headset and return the mixamp but than i think to myself thats not really an upgrade im literally just getting the same headset, just newer. I was really stoked for the mixamp and it just sucks.

    Low Mic volume
    Headset and mixamp pooped itself
    Im sad
  2. cruelmrchicken

    cruelmrchicken ASTRO Private

    You're not the first with these issues unfortunately, and a lot go unsolved.

    I myself was having issues with the low mic volume and tried everything under the sun. I was also having a very loud static/crackle noise which again tried everything but nothing.
    Finally Astro sent me a new mic and inline cable but unfortunately that did nothing.
    Very disappointing considering the price range but it is what it is.
    Astro a40 TR w/Mixamp Pro on xbox one x
  3. What?

    What? ASTRO Private

    Yeah i figured from all these unsolved cases astro team wasnt doing anything. Im on pc and im thinkin of switchin over to the bandwagon hyper cloud x2 but even those have mic problems, except that theres a guy who says the mic problem on those are solved if you download a couple programs. TBH im probably gonna go with the hyper cloud x2 and buy them at best buy so in case i dont like them i can just return them. With these new astros i thought it was a good idea to buy it from their website, obviously i was wrong lol
  4. cruelmrchicken

    cruelmrchicken ASTRO Private

    I bought the Hyperx cloud Alpha just incase and they're great honestly. For the price that I paid ($75) they're absolutely phenomenal. If you haven't already I would continue to work on the case with Astro because in all honesty they have a good support team. As of right now in my situation I have to send my current headset in for replacement. So we'll see how things are after that.

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