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Anyone have an Astro A40?, And do you use it on xbox one.`

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by elcq3797, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. elcq3797

    elcq3797 ASTRO Private

    Hi i really like what i hear about the reviews on the Astro A40 but can't really find much in terms of them being used on xbox one, I know there is a seperate model made specifically for the xbox but does anybody have them?, I've seen a video on youtube (Not sure if i'm aloud to post links) and it shows the comparison between a really bad Reverb/tinny sound on the latest version of the mixamp in comparison to the old.

    Something to do with Dolby, not an error in which astro made themselves. If thats the case with the tinny/Reverb would this be correct if i was to use Dolby Atmos on my xbox with the latest version of the mixamp if i was to buy one?, I just don't want to waste a lot of money buying them if there is going to be problems using them with the xbox.

  2. elcq3797

    elcq3797 ASTRO Private


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