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[ACGG POST] Nevermind's TV/Monitor guide.

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Nevermind, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Steggy

    Steggy ASTRO Private

    Yep. You sure showed me man. I am defeated, you are such a good arguer how could i ever have doubted you. Woe is me.
  2. Byronfest

    Byronfest ASTRO Private

    Well I've just pre ordered the new Xbox to game on and I'm going to keep my PS3 for films and stuff connected up to my Samsung. I have just ordered this monitor. What are your opinions? I'm a total novice when it comes to this kind of stuff, well to be honest gaming in general.... But I try.
    I had a bit of spare cash so I ordered it. My plan is to use it as a monitor for me PC and me Xbox simultaneously using the HDMI and DVI then just switching using the source button.
  3. ghueni whale

    ghueni whale ASTRO Private

    27 inch view sonic moniter with 1ms responce time

    Its a lcd ti has hdmi dvi and vga its around $350 on amazon im worried about the size tho its full 1080p 16:9 ratio would this be a good monitor

    sorry about spelling
  4. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    wouldnt be good for gaming since the mlg uses 22 inch. and 27 is far from. id reccomend 20-23 inch if your serious for gaming
  5. pgott87

    pgott87 ASTRO Private

    Just ordered..

    Just placed my order for a Samsung XL-2370 monitor. Also ordered a pair of those KontrolFreek thingies to try out. The man in brown should be here any moment delivering my new Astro A40s. This is going to be a good week :D
  6. cyrix

    cyrix ASTRO Private


    ive been playing games on PC and when choosing a monitor for gaming or video you will want pay attention the the response time. This will be listed in mS (milliseconds). The faster the better. The response time is the length of time it takes for a pixel to change from white to black to white. I have seen a range of times from 12mS down to 8mS. I don't know if there is anything faster than that. A slow response time may produce 'ghost' images in very fast action game play. Alienware specializes in gamer systems, but I don't know if they sell monitors separately.
  7. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    If anyone is thinking about getting a TV or monitor, today is the day to do it. They don't call it Black Friday for nothin'. :D
  8. Neyox

    Neyox ASTRO Private

    Im buying a new tv/monitor soon, and i want a monitor. But is there any way to get normal cable for like, tv shows, onto a monitor? if that makes sense?
  9. gardenislandbradda

    gardenislandbradda ASTRO Private

    Yes they do sell some monitors with tv tuner built in.Here is some
    But if you are going for one with tv tuner just get a regular tv monitor.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  10. Its_Lips

    Its_Lips ASTRO Private

  11. FluX

    FluX ASTRO Private

  12. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    I would get one with a 2ms response time. HERE is a nice one. Plus, Viewsonic has been making monitors since the 15" CRT models and been around since 1987.

    EDIT: HERE is another good one. Hell, I might pick this one up myself.
    Last edited: May 26, 2011
  13. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    A lot of people loved viewsonics but say now they are falling a bit far behind. The asus mlg monitor of choice looks nice. I have a samsung and a Viewsonic. Both 21.5. 2ms. Both amazing
  14. sfkingalpha

    sfkingalpha ASTRO Private

  15. Its_Lips

    Its_Lips ASTRO Private

    they work okay for cod and BF for some reason halo is a lot better on 22" though.
  16. BulletsAFlyin

    BulletsAFlyin ASTRO Private

    I got the Alienware and the contrast is amazing. It is also very nice looking, has touch buttons and you can adjust the height of it with what is similar to the A40 adjuster.
  17. Its_Lips

    Its_Lips ASTRO Private

    Guys I have 200$ in newegg credit. Anyone got any suggestions for a monitor?
  18. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    I would pay the difference and get THIS one. Samsung is known for making good displays. It's on sale and ends on the 4th of July.
  19. Its_Lips

    Its_Lips ASTRO Private

    Thanks Acid thats a good looking one. Any other suggestions?
  20. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    THIS is another good one.

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