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[ACGG POST] Nevermind's TV/Monitor guide.

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Nevermind, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    [Please Note, this Post is part of the ASTRO Community Gaming Group and is used strictly for information. In no way does ASTRO specifically endorse any particular product or company, but these are suggestions of some available products out on the market that have been made by our Community. -ASTRO Warblade]

    This guide will be split up into two sections. TV's and monitors. I'm not trying to put anyone down but people who are serious and want to get the best performance out of their equipment skip to the Monitor section.


    Now right from the get go I'm going to tell you that TVs are not good for serious gaming, of you are after a do it all tv you won't find one. Compromises are what you're going to have to live with, Ideally your best bet is to buy a TV for movies and TV and all that with great picture quality and a large screen. If you want to compromise for gaming, you're going to have to do your research. The best response time I've seen on a TV is 5ms and is was quite small. An averaged best is 8ms. For size, I wouldn't suggest anything over 26 inches for a gaming TV. 22 is generally the standard but because you're already sacrificing the performance of the TV going over is acceptable. There's not much more I can suggest but if you are a casual gamer who wants to use a TV for everything for whatever reason you're best bet is to get a medium sized TV max 32inches with 8ms response time as the best you will most likely find. as for types of TVs LEDs are by far the best. I'm not going to go over the reasons but if it is requested I will. LEDs are quite expensive although the LG LEDs are getting cheaper. Now if you can't get your hands on an LED you have to weigh up what you want deciding between a LCD and a Plasma, Plasmas have better picture quality i.e deeper blacks but they chew up electricity like nothing else they are also easily damageable and are venerable to image burn which gaming systems are known for. LCDs are reliable consume much less energy and re generally cheaper with a generally faster response time. Deciding what is right for you is up to your personal situation and what you want to do with your TV. If you are unsure feel free to ask me for specific advice.


    Any serious gamer will buy a monitor for gaming the best thing about this is they are generally cheap, you can pick up a decent 22inch monitor for around $200. Now the general standard is 22 inches, this is to make sure you don't strain your eyes and cause you to lose focus on the actual happenings of the game trying to take in a large picture. Having said that 22 inches is the standard, it is not law many monitors will hover around this measurement i.e 21.5 inches 22.3 inches and so on, as long as its roughly around the 22inch mark you should be fine. Looking for ports on your monitor should be to match your gaming rig, if you buy a HD monitor with a single HDMI input and you have no HDMI output on your gaming rig you will not experience any boost in graphic duality from using an adapter, if you want a HD picture upgrade your PC's hardware or your gaming console. There has been talk of HD gaming lag and this is founded, in some instances, most of the time it is down to the processing power of your hardware. This milisecond lag is negligible in my opinion but if you are concerned I encourage you to further research this subject. RESPONSE TIME!!! ok this is the big one the second thing you look for when you search for a monitor, first being size, the standard MLG tv has a 5ms response time, this is good but not the best. 2ms response time is the best I have seen and if you can opt for a monitor with a 2ms response time. Now most companies state the GTG (grey to grey) response time but some state the true response time BWB (black to white to black) generally a 2msBWB monitor will be better than a 2msGTG monitor but the difference again in my opinion is negligible. In short you are looking for a roughly 22inch monitor that matched your systems output with the best response time you can find.

    Don't stress if you cannot find a 22inch full 1080p HDMI 2msBWB monitor it's not necessary and I doubt they even exist, you are looking for the best you can find for a decent price.

    Corrections and suggestions are very welcome and questions are encouraged to.

    hope this has helped.


  2. sgtH

    sgtH ASTRO Private

    Sweet info!

    ok so i am using my PS3 on a 32" TV and its very hard after awhile to pay attention to it all because it is kinda big and i am very close to it, if i were to want to hook my PS3 up to my moniter what should i do? HDMI to DVI?

    my moniter has VGA and DVI. no hdmi

    thanks for help

    also is ms response time good if it is high or low? mine is 2ms on moniter
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2009
  3. ittekimasu

    ittekimasu ASTRO Private

    hmm when the ps3 first came out i was looking for a monitor which supported it, back then i don't think an hdmi port was too common on monitors so started researching about using a hdmi to dvi cable but if i remember correctly due to the encoding that goes through the hdmi using a hdmi to dvi cable wouldn't work. I'm not entirely sure on whether any of this is relevant now but thought i'd just throw it in incase it was.
  4. joe2heatley

    joe2heatley ASTRO Private

  5. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    the lower the better. 2ms is ideal

    get a HDMI to DVI adapter.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

  7. sgtH

    sgtH ASTRO Private

  8. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    The alienware monitor has a better response time, HDMI inputs a better resolution better contrast ratio I could go on, the alienware monitor is a hardcore built for gamers monitor, having said that the samsung isn't bad either but is definitely overpriced. At those prices i'd go with the alienware monitor, it's better and cheaper.

    For a HDMI to DVI adapter you can try electronics stores I'm not sure what you have over there but radio shack may have them. You can try mainstream stores like wallmart but electronic stores are your best bet.

    In Australia I'd go to JBHIFI or Dick Smith electronics.
  9. sgtH

    sgtH ASTRO Private

  10. warri

    warri ASTRO Private

  11. stanimal

    stanimal ASTRO Alumni

    Likin' this. Nicely done man.


    - ASTRO Stanimal
  12. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    There's more from me to come :)
  13. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

  14. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    I couldn't find it on the manufacturers website but based on the specs from newegg it's a nice monitor, any fluctuations in the picture?
  15. sgtH

    sgtH ASTRO Private

    i use a Syncmaster 226BW right now, if i were to buy lets say that Alienware moniter, do you think i would see any major upgrade?

    also you said moniters were good if you were serious about gaming, i use a off-brand 32" TV and i think the colors may be pretty dull. (http://www.dr-tech.com/DLCD32.html),
    and you think i will see any visual difference in switching to ps3 on moniter?
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2009
  16. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    The alienware monitor is technically better weather it's a big enough difference to warrant buying a new monitor is the question. The only real difference you will see is a mow to moderate improvement in the picture quality. That depends greatly on the signal being sent to the monitor though. Personally, I think the monitor you have now is sufficient.

    Save your cash, I know people who play on old tube TVs who are absolutely amazing a friend of mine, bullet, he's a ridiculous sniper and he plays on an old 32inch tube TV. It's no use playing with him, you as soon as he sees you you've got a bullet through your face.

    as for the TV vs monitor, PS3 hardware is like a body builder so pumped up on steroids it's a little scary (in comparison to other consoles) so if you where to switch the PS3 over to a monitor the difference in picture quality would rely on the quality of the monitor as the PS3 boasts some of the best console graphics out there. So if you where to buy a monitor to match the graphical capabilities of a PS3 you would indeed see a large noticeable difference in picture quality and response time.

    hope this has helped.
  17. i_2_the_rish

    i_2_the_rish ASTRO Private

    Also... just to add onto the thread... the biggest you probably want to go for a monitor is 23"... now I found this monitor on Newegg... it is currently out-of-stock, but it is 23" 2ms(GTG) HD 1080p LCD 20000:1 aspect ratio:

    Great buy... Only bad reviews were about bad sound (Astro's should fix this ;))

    Another great buy which is Number 1 on the Newegg LCD Monitor Top Sellers is the Hanns-G $159.99
    22" 5ms LCD Monitor 1000:1 Aspect ratio:

    Just though I would help :D

    -i 2 the rish
  18. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    Nice sourcing mate. Thanks for the contribution.
  19. i_2_the_rish

    i_2_the_rish ASTRO Private

    NP... I'm getting a Monitor for Christmas, so I've been searching for a while now... Funny thing is, when I first started looking... I had no idea about what a good kind of monitor is... but now it is easy for me :D
  20. Nevermind

    Nevermind ASTRO Private

    yeh I've got a benq E2200 on it's way for chrissy, might look into that alienware monitor

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