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A50 Gen1 Bigger battery mod

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Nobodytoyou, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Hello ladies and gents just thought i would share a little project i did because i didn't want to toss my A50's just because the battery went belly up (and they are well out of warranty before i did this).

    This is the stock battery 800mah Li-ion in a polymer pouch


    i replaced it with this

    *i did de-solder the protection circuit from the stock battery (the little circuit board int he top pic) and soldered the leads of my new battery pack to it


    That is 4 Panasonic CGR18650C Li-ion Batteries, each has a capacity of 2200 mah giving me a total of 8800 mah capacity (stock battery was good for 6-8 hours , this should be good for 66-88 hours before a charge)

    So far I'm happy with the end result and bonus if i want more capacity later on , i can just swap those batteries with even higher capacity 18650's (top right now is about 3600 mah per battery).

    Anyways felt like i should share.
  2. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Forgot this has another bonus , i can pop the batteries out to reset the unit instead of waiting for the batteries to drain :p
  3. Lukushowlett

    Lukushowlett ASTRO Private

    I'd like to see how these look on... Picture please!"
  4. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Sure thing here is two , one from the front and one from the top. I would have directed you to my Twitch stream because i always wear them when i stream , but i didn't realise because of how low my camera is compared to me you can't even see the batteries lol.

    (i don't really smile in pictures so don't take it as me grumpy or anything)



    One thing i should mention , i do plan to add a bit of foam under the battery holder (it's not uncomfortable but very noticeable though YMMV as i also have very thick hair x.x).

    P.S. My projected battery life was pretty dead on what i guessed and it lasted me 2 weeks with ease, i did find out how ever the built in charging circuit is WAY to slow to even attempt to charge these in the headset , Yes it does charge them but it also would take well over 2 weeks to charge that way (i thought it would take roughly 2 days as the stock battery charges in about 4 hours, so 800 mah / 4 = 200mah charge current , which 8800/200 = 44 , so i thought 44 hours-ish give or take , but nah the internal charger couldn't muster past 3.8 volts on the cells and 4.2 is full charge (not including saturation charge) so i had to bust out my 4 cell charger to get them done in about 1-2 hours)

    P.S.S. yeah yeah bathroom pic , only place i had a decent mirror to take the pics.
  5. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Shameless bump to bring past 3-4 pages of spam that happened.
  6. CookieMuncherUK

    CookieMuncherUK ASTRO Private

    WOW! that's insane. Battery life is amazing too. Too bad it does look a bit silly :p
  7. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Well you also don't have to go as insane as i did lol most of that is because i have about 20+ of batteries laying around because i ripped them out of "dead" laptop batteries, could just do a single battery holder and buy a high capacity 18650 something in the range of a 3200mah battery would net 4 times the stock battery life in this case from say amazon (caution only buy reputable brands like sony, lg , panasonic , samsung or sanyo , Everything else is either a re-brand of those brands or even worse falsely advertising what they have).

    Also could get more creative and with longer power wires make a shoulder pad pack that houses the batteries and keeps the weight off the headset.

    Came across this site a while ago , good resource if your looking for these types of batteries.
    Anyways if you want to try it , I'd say post more pics here , would be cool to see what else people come up with.
  8. Molo

    Molo ASTRO Private

    Hello, I know it has been a while since the original post but do you think you can repost the images? they are not appearing for me. Thanks :)
  9. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Sure thing , sorry i took so long to reply but i don't check here often anymore

    *stock battery pic

    *battery holder with 4 18650's in it

    Also seems i can't edit my original post, not sure why.
  10. Half-Turok

    Half-Turok ASTRO Private

    Hello, can you reup the photos to see your mod? Thank you.
  11. Nobodytoyou

    Nobodytoyou ASTRO Private

    Sure thing , though i just checked this thread looks like the pics are back o_O let me know if they go away again and I'll try to fix it.

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