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A50 gen 3 battery drain

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Pazman, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Pazman

    Pazman ASTRO Specialist

    My A50s had been on the base station changing for two days when I removed them from the base station as I was working away for 3 days and did won't to leave them on change when I was out the house for a long time .
    They were switched off on the headset so I would not expect the battery to drain .
    But when I returned home and came to use the headset the battery was down to one bar .
    The headset is on the latest FW and was fully charged when I left them .
    So in 3 days they had lost 3 bars of power . Another day and they may have been totally flat .
    This should not be happening when the headset is switched off and in such a sort time .
  2. Shinobi_Absolute

    Shinobi_Absolute ASTRO Private

    Did you just purchase these? If so i'd return them and swap them out with another pair.
  3. Pazman

    Pazman ASTRO Specialist

    Had them about 5-6 weeks
    It looks to be a common problem with the a50 gen 3 as other members are having the same problem.
    What's your experience with it ?
  4. Dargol

    Dargol ASTRO Private

    I just left the A50 (power off) on the base station with more than 60 % charge left, turned my PC off, went out for a little under three hours and when I came back and started up my PC the battery was drained to zero.

    I'm not sure if the headset was attached well on the base station but a drain from more than 60 % to zero in less than three hours is pretty nasty. From now on I'll do the following when I leave the headset on the base station: I'll turn A50 off, place it on the charging dock and make sure it starts to recharge and then turn the PC off.
  5. Nightwolf

    Nightwolf ASTRO Private

    Some problem here.

    I experience these drains since the last fw update.
    Also, had some spooky issues: Headset was physically switched off, charging by a separate usb-charger. Suddently music was played (opened a new tab which was starting some auto-playback).
    New Feature? Don't think so. Reproducable.
    For me this fw drains the battery by kinda soft-on or sth like that...
  6. Dargol

    Dargol ASTRO Private

    I haven't had any battery drain issues since I started doing what I described above.
  7. kpatt2006

    kpatt2006 ASTRO Private

    I bought these new about 2 weeks ago. I decided to use a stop watch on my phone each time I'm using the headset to see how much battery life it really is getting. The last bar of battery just now turned red and the timer is only at 7.5 hours. I noticed leaving the headset turned off and laying on the desk over night, it would lose a bar of battery life, NOT BEING USED. Astro can't seem to make a trouble free headset. It's always something with the hardware or software with their products. Guess I'll return these and go back to my gen 1 a50's that get about 4 hours of battery life.
  8. bhavanas

    bhavanas ASTRO Private

    I've had mine for 20 days. I came on the forum to see whats going on with short battery life. My full charge this morning is nearly dead 7.5 hours later which is quite a bit short of the advertised battery life. How do I get 15 hours on a charge?
  9. PacoDeGato

    PacoDeGato ASTRO Private

    These A50s are so damn frustrating... great headsets with a SERIOUS FLAW that they seem to not want to, or be unable to, fix. I'm on my THIRD SET after 2 replacements and have the same problem.

    Mysterious battery drain. I've been keeping a journal of different things and the only thing I can come up with is 1) this headset/base combo is HORRIBLE in actually setting it in place properly. 2) If you have it set improperly, it creates a short circuit that will drain a 100% full battery in a matter of minutes/hours. Personally, I've had a 100% charged set drain to 1 bar in under 2 hours.

    I've checked with a 100% set and left it off and OFF the base overnight with the power switch both ON and OFF and the next day they were still at 99%. The battery is good. It is the mounting that is BAD.

    IF you ensure you get a gold light when setting it on the base, you SHOULD be okay. If you do not, then it might be misplaced and you might be set up for a short circuit and your headset will be DEAD in an hour, maybe two.

    For a $300, headset, this is sub-par design. They should be ashamed of themselves. They should create a NEW base that is EASY to charge with. They should allow exchanges for all of these old pieces of GARBAGE they've sold us.

    This coming from someone who is on their 3rd set of PS4 Headset/Base and also purchased the xBox base.

  10. Vinz

    Vinz ASTRO Private

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  11. PacoDeGato

    PacoDeGato ASTRO Private


    Yes, I'm sure that would fix it, BUT the reason your battery is not draining is because you are not using the base anymore! Having the headset sit on the base is what sucks the battery life out of the headset. Like I said above, I left a fully charged headset OFF of the base, both switched on and switched off, and it was still 99% after a full day or more.

    The ONLY time the battery drains is when the headset is left on the base, but NOT EVERY time the headset is left on the base. Therefore, as best as I can tell, it is when the headset is not set just exactly right on the base that you will get some sort of short-circuit that drains the battery VERY VERY FAST. And since they designed this base to be very, very difficult to set the headset on it properly, this happens frequently, which is why there are so many complaints.

    Headset is great, mounting method SUCKS. Terrible and flawed design... and they will not fix it.
  12. PacoDeGato

    PacoDeGato ASTRO Private

    I think you are on the correct line of thinking when you're wondering if the headset was attached well to the base. I've tested a bunch of different ways and the ONLY way I get the fast drain is when the headset is on the base, but it doesn't happen every time it is on the base. I had a drain from about 95% down to almost ZERO in 2-3 hours. It appears that if the headset is just slightly offset (which is very easy to do because the design is garbage) it causes some sort of short-circuit that sucks the life right out of the batteries, and it does it FAST.

    Since Astro/Logitech won't fix the problem, it seems like the best practice is to use the headset and then don't put them on the base unless you've already run them down a bit. Then, when you do put them on the base (set PS4 to 3 hours of USB charging in rest mode), you must make sure that the indicator light on the headset is the orange/amber charging color. This means they are on there right. Hopefully you don't bump the table or something though, because that's enough to jack up the connection and then you'll get the power suck... overall, this is NOT what we should have with a $300 headset, but most of us are stuck with them now...
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  13. Zinkeh

    Zinkeh ASTRO Private

    Gotta say I'm a bit disconcerted to come here with this same issue and see so many posts about it......from a year or two ago. This tells me the issue hasn't been addressed or fixed.

    I purchased my A50's maybe 2 months ago at the most. They've worked great, sounded great until fairly recently.

    When I'm done playing I turn them off and place them on the charger I ensure they are indeed charging and leave the PS4 running until they are fully charged or I will put the ps4 into rest mode so they can continue to charge. This has not been an issue since i bought them.

    Recently, however, I place them into the charger with them turned off and observe them fully charged. 3 or 4 days later....sometime the very next day.. I'll go to use them and they are either dead as a doornail or borderline dead so that I get maybe 15 minutes of use before they shut down. Again, I ensure that they are charging and /or fully charged with 4 bars. I come back the next day or a couple days later and they are toast. This has happened 4 times in a row now.

    The heck is the deal with this, Astro? These things were 300 bucks and I never had so much as a hiccup with my cheapy sony gold headset.

  14. Zinkeh

    Zinkeh ASTRO Private

    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the battery drain. I tried charging with the USB set to shut off after 3 hours. Headset will charge in that 3 hours but will be dead as a doornail or close to dead when turn them on the following night without using them at all.

    I then set my Ps4 to leave the USB on. I'll charge the set overnight. The following occurs.

    1. The headset will fully charge to a solid 4 bars on the base station. Headset is off. I remove the headset from the stand and place somewhere else.
    2. Come home from work and play for 2 hours. Somewhere in there 4 bars drop to 3 bars (I'm assuming a low 3) of charge. Finish playing, and turn headset off after PS4 has powered down.
    3. Turn on headset the next day having left it off the charger. Without playing since the night before the charge level is now at 2 bars. 2 bars turns to 1 bar within an hour of play.

    This so far has been the only way to use this 300.00 headset without the battery completely going dead. Cannot use the stand that it comes with or it will lose all charge. This is silly.....

    I'd like to hear something from Astro on this as this forum seems pretty dead. The headset is fantastic..........when it's working correctly...but right now 300.00 for a headset that will not keep a charge MUCH less get the 15 hours of playtime stated on the box is kind of ridiculous. If I wasn't 2 months out on the purchase I'd take them back to best buy and get something else.

    The product is defective out of the box.
  15. Vinz

    Vinz ASTRO Private

    all I can say is that I don't have this problem anymore. If any of you wants to know how I did it, let me know through pm. I've posted my solution on this forum. But nobody reacted or commented on it so I pressumed that guys didn't or even attempted to try. So. if any of you whose still having this problem, hit me through pm. I may help you with this problem.
  16. Zinkeh

    Zinkeh ASTRO Private

    Only post I see from ya in this thread is edited out and says "peace!" I'd love to hear your solution as right now i pretty much am charging the set and then removing it from the base and just resting them on top of a speaker...which is silly. They look nice sitting in the stand. Astro's only response to this problem so far has been to simply send me instructions for RMA....So they've essentially admitted to the defect without admitting to the defect.
  17. Vinz

    Vinz ASTRO Private

    Yep, I've posted my solution for a while in this thread but seemed nobody really commented if they tried or not. So I edited it out. lol

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