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A20 command center on xbox

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Testinglif3, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. Testinglif3

    Testinglif3 ASTRO Private

    Just curious if the a20s work with command center customizations when using the xbox. I have a50s right noe and i can go on my computer create a custom audio output and then go back to my xbox and use that custom eq.

    But on the astro site it says "The A20 Wireless, when connected to a PC, is also compatible with the free ASTRO Command Center customization software allowing for enhanced customization of gaming audio inputs, outputs, and EQ settings."

    The wording of this worries me. Does it mean i can only use the customer eq when on a computer ?? Or does it mean i can only create them on the computer but can still plug it in my xbox and use that created custom eq.

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