View Full Version : Astro A40 vs. Razor Megalodons

Johnny Neat
01-12-2010, 01:02 PM
Wanted to start this topic to find out from the experienced in regards to these two headsets. Which are better? I came to the Astro A40 from the Turtle Beach X4 headsets and to me from my exposure to both, X4 headsets have a more pronounced bass note but come at the expense of slight hissing static and at times interference with signal, where as the A40 have less pronounced bass but a cleaner clearer sound. In the end it was all give and take.

Now, I am curious about these Razors, so any and all info would be appreciated.

P.s. Before trying out the Astro A40 headsets, I tried Turtle Beach's upgrade to the X4, the X41. They did not reach the level of the X4, sad to say.

P.s.s. It seems these Razor's are strictly PC, bummer. So I'm sorry if I wasted anyone's time, but then again since Astro's can do computer maybe this thread could help those on the fence in that gaming world.

ASTRO Vertigo
01-13-2010, 04:43 AM
Goto this page (http://press.razerzone.com/content/view/408/101/) to read up on the new

- Razer Onza (Tournament Lag Free Gaming Controller)
- Razer Chimaera (5.1 Professional Gaming Headset for Xbox 360)

The Razer Chimarera also features a Base Station (MixAMP) which includes the ability to Daisy Chain them together. (Astro Copy)

Both are Xbox 360 Compatible.

01-20-2010, 08:26 AM
They look REALLY cool, but not as cool as astros, but I don't know about performance.

TG Alibi
01-28-2010, 10:30 AM
The Onza looks awesome and like so many other controllers, it doesn't look too small for my large hands...very exciting

Blood And Beer
01-28-2010, 06:34 PM
Yep I'm getting that controller.

R 2the EXEL
01-28-2010, 06:42 PM
Controller looks nice but in my opinion the headset looks stupid ill stick with my astros when they arrive.